The Day

A Day in the Life of a Leytonstone Community Pre-Schooler

We begin each session with carpet time, where we look at the calendar to discuss the date, day, month, season and weather. We then talk about each other’s news and children bring in things to show. We then sing a ‘hello’ song to welcome everybody, before going to play. This is a great transitional time between home and pre-school, and really helps children settle in for the day.

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After this, the play session starts. This session is all about free play, with planned activities for individual children and small groups within this. Children are encouraged to choose what they would like to play with. Every week we have some special themed activities – this week we have the hungry caterpillar activity table. Here we have some beautifully illustrated books to identify caterpillars and butterflies, a big cocoon bag with some props and of course the much loved book.

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The theme is used along with other activities for learning. For example, the counting of fruit which you read about in ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ can be used in the preparation of the snack table fruits to start basic maths.

As well as the themes, there are more permanent spaces such as the ‘house’ and ‘office’ areas for play:

Image 16

Image 13

There are craft tables with a variety of materials to create with.

Image 9Image 14


Plenty of outdoor play

 Image 3Image 5

And a quiet area for us to relax and read in too

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The children help to prepare the snack table with healthy food and serve themselves.

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At the end of activities everyone helps to tidy up and we finish the session with another carpet time, reading a story and singing some songs.

  Lunch club 12:00-12.30 p.m


12:00 – 12.30 – The children eat their own packed lunches. Lunch club now runs every weekday.


Your child will need a clearly labelled lunch bag and a healthy lunch.


Check out the Mission page to see how we approach learning through play.