Testimonies from past and present families

Review of Leytonstone Community Pre-school on Wednesday 7 October 2015

October 5th 2013 my son Abdullah started at the Leytonstone preschool. He had just turned 2 and was at the time barely speaking in sentences. Within a few months of attending the preschool Abdullah blossomed in every way you would want your child to blossom. The loving care and attention he receives is apparent on his smiling face every time he returns home. He has been taught the many skills a child of his age needs at the same time allowing his own personality to shine through. I have a nursery near to where we live but I chose to continue sending Abdullah to Leytonstone preschool,even though it is further away, until he starts school next year. The smiling,warm welcome from Ronnie every morning to Shelley and Nicole, whom Abdullah adores, and the rest of the loving caring team – is enough to get Abdullah running into the preschool happy and excited. The support I received from staff whilst toilet training Abdullah was exceptional. A friendly approachable team in my opinion guarantees for me, as a mother, a safe nurturing environment that supports my child’s development in his young important years. I will be very sad to be saying goodbye to the wonderful ladies at Leytonstone Preschool next year. A highly recommended preschool for young children from all walks of life.

Nasima Natha

Review of Leytonstone Community Pre-school on Wednesday 21 October 2015

“I am very happy with the preschool. I have been sending my daughter since she was approximately 2 yrs and I have increased her days and even transferred her from another nursery as I was very happy with how well she settled even when she was attending just one day!, aswell as how the staff treated her. I would definetly recommend them to anyone who is considering the setting”

signed ‘Parent of the preschool’

Review of Leytonstone Community Pre-school on Tuesday 11 February 2014
by Mrs. Krissie Allen (Parent)

My 3 yr old daughter was not settling into a nursery we had chosen for her, so we switched her to Leytonstone Community PreSchool which came highly recommended from other parents in the community. With the care and kindness the nursery staff showed, she settled in quickly and now runs to the front door shouting “Yea nursery” something I thought I would never see. She is so happy there which is a testament to the really terrific staff, great learning environment and superb management. We highly recommend Leytonstone Community Pre School a fantastic learning and playing environment for any child.

Review of Leytonstone Community Pre-school on Friday 20 December 2013
by Christine L (Grandmother of grandson 4 and granddaughter 2)

This is an outstanding pre-school taking children at 2 and preparing them in a most beautiful way of play, drama, yoga, stories, sounds and number games for “big” school. A happy diverse community run by caring, humorous mature women who understand child development and like children.

Review of Leytonstone Community Pre-school on Sunday 15 December 2013
by Emma (Parent)

My son started preschool just after his second birthday and settled in so quickly due to the caring staff; women who hold a very special place in his heart. He absolutely loves it and has developed enormously across all areas but particularly in becoming an independent and confident toddler. The manager is extremely reflective and always strives to make activities and themes relevant to the children and is committed to helping them achieve through meaningful play. There is a wonderful community where parents as well as children are welcomed, largely due to the open and friendly staff. I will be very sad when his time at this nurturing preschool comes to an end.

Review of Leytonstone Community Pre-school on Monday 2 December 2013
by DJ (Parent)

This is a great pre-school. The staff are warm and friendly. My child has been attending for over a year, it has had a positive impact on his all round development and he really enjoys coming in every morning.

Review of Leytonstone Community Pre-school on Thursday 28 November 2013
by Elizabeth M (Mother of child)

This is such a lovely setting to send our child to – it feels like it has an old school nature to it – and I mean that in the most positive way, in that it has lovely nurturing values, a warm and nurturing environment, the staff are lovely, and yet they are still modern in their approach. The preschool leader and the rest of the staff are pro-active with regards to changing activities, fundraising, keeping the setting interesting, and striving for improvement and excellence. Even though it is a small setting, there is a lovely mix of children from all backgrounds and all are welcomed.

Review of Leytonstone Community Pre-school on Thursday 28 November 2013
by Laura Tomlinson (Mother of 2 year old boy)

Leytonstone preschool is a very happy and relaxed place, where you get the feeling all children are cared for equally and compassionately. There is a good atmosphere of fun and play without being sentimental.


Parent’s Review, 03/10/13:

I chose this pre-school because of the experience of the staff and the calm atmosphere. I was still really pleasantly surprised when I did a morning’s observation of how well organised the setting was. The sense of order that the children have from this is great in giving them confidence. When it came to tidy up time, everyone pitched in and it was done in no time at all, everything had its place. The staff were alert to every situation and each child was well looked after. For instance when toilet accompaniment was needed, or a child was upset or frustrated, they were immediately taken care of. Distraction to quieter activities and helping with jobs were used to deflect potential conflicts over toys and arguments between the children. Talking and communicating was emphasised to relieve emotional outbursts, with lots of one on one care given. The younger children seemed to be naturally separate from the older ones during the free time activities, but the space seemed to work well for all the year groups, everyone was engaged and busy.

Sophie Sarkodie